Way back in 1990, the foundation of Cannon Eye was deeply based on the innovative methodology and never-to-stop determination. Since then, we have been applying revolutionary thoughts and generating ample outcomes.


With the sole and selfless purpose of serving humanity for the last 27 years, we are very thankful for the association of all those members who have taken the cause forward and made us to achieve this milestone of recreating vivekanand Ashram. This has only been possible due to valuable contribution and regular support of its honored members. Over the years, more than 400 children have been raised at the Ashram and their foundation is set to inculate them as a responsible citizen. To keep you updated about activities at the Ashram, we are now starting a newsletter covering upcoming news and events which will be circulated twice in a year.

Inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, the principle has always been on the purity of thought, speech, and deed in providing education to develop character, mental powers, intelligence and inculcate self-confidence along with self-reliance. Vivekananda Shelter Educational and Welfare Society promote and provide caring childhood to the poor, abandoned, deprived, deserted, orphan and disabled children. Our aim has always been to offer basic happiness to these abandoned children which are their right as humans.


To support and nourish the childhood of our nation and build a strong foundation in their development towards being a self-sustained and responsible citizen of India, thereby, taking India to the next level.


  • To provide basic education, food, shelter and clothing to orphan children & childern from poor families
  • To give childern quality of life, love and a feeling of togetherness
  • To make a big Library in the Ashram with the best available books and provide access to village children to make their learning more valuable
  • To use digital technology to keep the children updated with modern tools for their betterment and open up new horizons for their growth
  • To provide Vocational Training to children so as to prepare them for further career choices, hence making them capable for their upcoming future
  • To work towards diving good values & upbringing to children making them good human beings prepared to serve the nation
  • To plan to register more childern in accordance with the accommodation facilities constructed
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